KS3 History

History at Audenshaw School is a popular subject and this is down to both the passion and enthusiasm of the teachers and students alike.  There are plenty of opportunities for students to experience History outside of the classroom and enrich their life long learning as well as acquire the vital life skills needed for their future studies and careers.  Politics is also a very popular subject due to the integral links it has to History and the fact that it provides students with the skills of debate and analysis.

Year 7 - Curriculum Information

The Year 7 scheme of progress begins in 1066, after a brief introduction to Historical skills in order to prepare the students for the rigors of History.  Students will look at the period 1066 to 1485 and will focus on areas such as the power of Kings, Religion and Health and Disease.  There are a wide variety of activities that the students will complete including a Castle building competition in the autumn term for all those budding architects! 

Year 8 - Curriculum Information

The Year 8 scheme of progress begins with the reign of Henry VIII and looks at the growth of the British Isles right up until the Industrial Revolution.  The students will again focus on similar themes as Year 7 but will also complete a study of the colonisation of America.  Students will also consider how Democracy developed during the Eighteenth Century, particularly in Manchester.  

Year 9 - Curriculum Information

The Year 9 scheme of progress is very much focused on preparing the students for the GCSE in History, both in terms of content and skill. Students will focus on Modern History, including the Two World Wars, the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany as well as an American Depth Study that covers both the Civil Rights movement and the War in Vietnam. These areas of History are particularly popular amongst the students as there is a wealth of sources that can be used to extend their learning. There is also the opportunity for students to not only look at some local History but also their own family History. Students will be given the opportunity to look at their family history in both the first and second World Wars. Students will also have the opportunity to look at the role of Audenshaw School and its staff and students in the Second World War.

Key Stage 3 - How parents/carers can support their child

It is important that students take advantage of the school library which has a range of non fiction and fiction books based around History topics.  Likewise, students are encouraged to read and watch the Horrible History series and any other History documentaries on offer. 

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There are also several websites that will extend your child’s understanding and enthusiasm for History:

BBC Bitesize History KS3

The National Archives: Education

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