Subject Learning Journeys

KS4 French

Year 10 - Curriculum Information

In Year 10, students have five lessons of French a fortnight and study the following topics in greater depth using more sophisticated language:

- School: education, school life and future plans.
- Personal and Social Life: self, family, friends, home life, and relationships.
- Hobbies and Free time: sports, free time, media, new technologies.
- Environment: Home town, local environment, pollution, recycling, local facilities, comparisons with other towns and regions.
- Work: work experience, part-time jobs, and future careers.
- Holidays: travel and holidays
- Healthy lifestyle: activities, meals and healthy living.
- Shopping: clothes, food, general facilities.

During Year 10 they prepare spoken and written controlled assessments for submission to the OCR exam board. Three pieces of controlled assessment are normally prepared in Year 10. Each of these will be worth 15% of the final GCSE grade. Controlled assessment is ‘untiered’ meaning that there is no ‘higher’ or ‘foundation’ level; the top grades are available to all candidates.

Students spend time with the Foreign Language Assistants to improve their spoken and written performance. This time may be during their normal lessons in the timetabled classroom with the teacher, but it may also be scheduled in small groups or additionally after school. This may include intervention sessions for students requiring additional support.

Foreign language films are regularly screened in school and students are encouraged to attend those which are appropriate to their age.

Year 11 - Curriculum Information

In Year 11 another Controlled Assessment is prepared. Students who would benefit from preparing additional pieces of Controlled Assessment are identified and this is arranged accordingly. Once all pieces are ready to be submitted to the exam board then Listening and Reading exam practice begins in earnest.

Timetabled sessions with the Foreign Language Assistants are increased in Year 11.

Foreign language films are regularly screened in school and students are encouraged to attend those which are appropriate to their age.

Students may go on to study French at A Level.

Key Stage 4 - How parents/carers can support their child

Parents can help by regularly looking in students’ books to see their responses to teachers’ comments. Students have vocabulary booklets which show words and structures in the same order in which they are taught. Parents should familiarise themselves with these and ensure that students consult these while they are completing their homework.

Furthermore there are key websites which are invaluable to supporting the learning of a foreign language.

French music is widely available on the internet as are French films. In addition, the school has a selection of French films which can be made available to students. Students or parents/carers may speak with their teacher or to Mr Bannatyne for more information on these.

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