Subject Learning Journeys

KS3 Art

Art and design plays a vital role in the educational experience of young people and is an essential part of receiving a well rounded education.
Art is key to how we view and understanding the world around us, enriching the quality of our life experiences.
The Art department aim to inspire and challenge students of all ability levels, enabling them to develop skills which are crucial to the 21st century.
Students are encouraged to communicate their ideas and feelings, developing creative problem solving and independent thinking skills in a creative and challenging environment.

Year 7 - Curriculum Information

During year 7 the focus is on introducing students to the basic core skills.

Students will complete 2 main projects which will cover:

- Pencil and Tone

- The Colour Wheel

- Introduction to painting skills

Students will also be introduced to the work of a range of relevant artists and/or other cultures.

Year 8 - Curriculum Information

During year 8 students will continue to build on the skills covered in year 7.

Students will complete 2 main projects and with a focus on:

- Colour and tone

- Painting Skills

Students will continue to be introduced to the work of a range of relevant artists and/or other cultures.

Year 9 - Curriculum Information

During year 9 students will continue to extend their knowledge and confidence when working in a variety of media.

Students will complete two major projects which will cover:

- A review of core skills

- Working with a range of mixed media

Students will continue to be introduced to the work of a wide range of relevant artists and/or other cultures.

Key Stage 3 - How parents/carers can support their child

At KS3 homework is set in the form of Extended Homework Projects, where students are expected to complete a series of smaller homework tasks, which build up into a finished piece of work for the final assessment.

Extended homework tasks will link to the theme and skills being taught during lessons and will give students the opportunity to extend their knowledge and work independently.

Parents can support their child by encouraging them to spend at least 30 minutes per week working on their art homework.

It would also be useful to have some basic art materials at home such as coloured pencils.

Art homework club is held for 1 hour after school every Thursday in room MG17. Students can receive help with their homework and will have access to a wide range of art materials.

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