Subject Learning Journeys


Year 10 - Curriculum Information


This unit covers the body of knowledge about computer systems on which the examination will be based.

Board set assignment

An investigative computing task, chosen from a list provided by OCR, which assesses the following: research, technical understanding, analysis of problem, historical perspective, use of technical writing skills, recommendations/evaluation.

Programming project 

Understand standard programming techniques

Be able to design a coded solution to a problem including:
- Develop suitable algorithms
- Design suitable input and output formats
- Identify suitable variables and structures
- Identify test procedures.

Create a coded solution fully annotating the developed code to explain its function.

Test their solution:
- To show functionality
- To show how it matches the design criteria 

Key Stage 4 - How parents/carers can support their child

Check that when the deadlines are met for all the coursework. A full set of the deadlines and marking comments for improvement from staff will be available via Moodle.

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