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KS3 Design & Technology

Design and Technology (D&T) is the inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to live and work in the designed and made world

'Design & Technology education is an essential part of a school’s curriculum, not just as preparation for a career, or further education in the creative industries, but for its wider educational benefits'. – Dick Powell, SeymourPowell Design Consultancy.

'Design and technology is about providing opportunities for students to develop their capability, combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products'. - (Design and Technology Association)

Design & Technology education is based upon six key design principles:

  • User
  • Purpose
  • Functionality
  • Design Decisions
  • Innovation
  • Authenticity

At Audenshaw School we provide our learners with a wide range of experiences, allowing them to learn about these principles and to put them in to practice.

The curriculum is designed to build upon key skills and knowledge, gradually working towards preparation for their GCSE courses and beyond.  Students are made aware of their target levels and grades from the offset and their path of progress allows them to see the end results which are capable through hard work and dedication.

Our vision is to develop intuitive and creative designers, who are able to work independently to solve problems and provide suitable design solutions with the potential to be commercially produced. 

We focus on promoting literacy and numeracy skills and cross curricular subject knowledge, allowing students to continue to develop and grow as well rounded and informed learners; promoting our school values in all that we do.

Year 7 - Curriculum Information

Projects for year 7 are:

  • It’s a Wrap – CAD/CAM
  • Block-Bot – Materials
  • Pop Up! – Paper & Card
  • Hand Puppet – Textiles
  • Archi-Tech-Draw – Technical Drawing Skills
  • Cooking Essentials – Food

Students are introduced to a wide range of tools, equipment and processes. Students will work on a carousel system, meaning they will complete 6 different projects with 6 different D&T teachers. Each project will have a practical outcome as well as a Theory Assessment Task, which will combined inform the ‘current working grade’. Assessment Tasks focus on 4 key areas:

  • Exploring The Task
  • Generating Ideas
  • Developing a Design
  • Evaluation

We focus on the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace and promoting independent enquiry. Students will engage in a variety of projects from all disciplines of the Design and Technology Curriculum, allowing all learners to develop individual strengths and skills learnt at KS2 whilst broadening their subject knowledge and understanding. 

Year 8 - Curriculum Information

Projects for year 8 are:

  • Mobile Support – CAD/CAM
  • Bridge the Gap – Structures
  • High Flyers – Materials
  • On Set – Model Making
  • Pewter Coin – CAD/Materials
  • Cooking Classics - Food

In their second year students will be given to opportunity to further develop their repertoire of skills and knowledge and are encouraged to become increasingly independent in their studies. Once again students will work on a carousel system, meaning they will complete 6 different projects with 6 different D&T teachers.

Year 9 - Curriculum Information

Projects for year 9 are:

  • Passive Amplifier – Product Design
  • Dog Tag – Engineering
  • Light It Up – CAD/CAD/Electronics
  • The Apprentice – Food/Graphics

Year 9 has a clear focus on preparation for their chosen GCSE course.  Students complete a variety of Design and Make tasks which each practise the skills required to enable them to make the best possible progress during KS4. To maximise the time spent in different areas

There is greater emphasis on designing for a specific user in mind and tailoring their design proposals to meet a set of criteria set out in their details Design Specification.

Evaluation and Analysis are used to test the final outcomes of the design and to develop their designs for potential industrial production as they would in their GCSE. With a greater focus on preparing students for KS4, there are 4 projects allowing more time to be spent in each area compared to Years 7 & 8.

Key Stage 3 - How parents/carers can support their child

Checking Show My Homework on a daily basis will help your son keep on top of his D&T homework. In KS3 your son should expect 1 piece of extended learning per week that should take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete

At home you can support your son develop his Design and Technology skills by encouraging him to look at every day household items and analyse the materials and ingredients from which they are made and the industrial processes used to manufacture them. This will form the foundation to his GCSE studies in all of our specialist subject areas.
You can encourage him to share his project work with you so that you are informed of the projects he is undertaking and the detailed feedback he receives from his teacher to give him the opportunity to improve his work so that it is in line with his target levels.

In addition, there are many online revision and support materials available on line which you could explore with him.

During your son's Food Technology rotation you can support him by ensuring that he has the correct ingredients for his lessons each week and also by encouraging him to practice making the recipes at home so that he is prepared for his practical assessment lessons.
Should you require any further advice you can contact his Design and Technology teacher or Mr Aston (Curriculum Leader) or Mr Beardsall (Second in Charge)
As always we welcome any feedback and suggestions from students and parents and carers alike to enable us to provide the best possible curriculum for your child which is relevant and engaging.

Useful Websites

Explore these websites with your child to deepen his knowledge of the subject, to support his class work and homework.



  • The DT App

Extensive must have resource! The App is broken into subject sections plus has controlled assessment guidance.

  • Gojimo

Great for practicing exam style questions and lots of multiple choice questions. Good for tracking your progress and seeing your strong and weak areas.

  • Memrise

Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community


Our department runs a Twitter account that showcases the work of our students and is a great place to keep up to date with what’s going on in the D&T department.

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