KS4 Design & Technology

Year 10 - Curriculum Information

At KS4 we offer a selection of GCSE courses; Resistant Materials; Product Design, and Electronic Products, and Level 2 V-Certs in Catering and Engineering Studies.

Students are encouraged and supported in being able to achieve excellent results in their chosen subject area and many go on to higher and further education in a mixture of Design based courses.

In addition, students have access to CAD/CAM facilities and are able to produce products of a very high, commercially viable standard. 

Students are encouraged to reflect upon the wider impact of the products they use, including sustainability of materials and energy sources and product life cycle, ergonomics and looking at the work of other designers as inspiration in their own work.  Therefore providing them with opportunities to become educated consumers and make choices where environmental issues are considered.

GCSE Resistant Materials/Product Design/Electronic Products;

In year 10 students are introduced to their chosen subject through mini projects, theory of design and manufacture in a variety of scales from one off production to researching industrial processes involved in mass production techniques.

They then make their choices on their Controlled Assessment tasks where they will undertake the major project for their GSCE course.

V-Cert Engineering/Catering

In year 10 pupils complete two of the four units, these are internally marked. This is a mix of practical and theory based lessons evidenced through a portfolio. They will also do some preparation for the externally marked exam unit.

Year 11 - Curriculum Information

GCSE Resistant Materials/Product Design/Electronic Products;
Year 11 sees the continuation of the Controlled Assessment tasks where students manufacture the designs produced. They go through a process of development in order to produce high quality products which respond directly to the clients requirements set out in the Design Specification.

Once Controlled Assessment is complete, at around February half term, the students have completed 60% of their GCSE. 

The focus will then move to preparation for the GCSE Examination for the final 40% of the overall grade received.

The examination boards used are AQA for GCSE Resistant Materials and Electronic Products and WJEC for GCSE Product Design.

V-Cert Engineering/Catering

Yr11 sees the conclusion of the 4 units, completed through a series of practical and theory lessons, evidenced in a portfolio.

NCFE are qualifying body for the Catering and Engineering Studies V-Cert.

Key Stage 4 - How parents/carers can support their child

Design and Technology requires your son to be consistently hard working and committed to his studies.  At home you can support your son by encouraging him to share his work with you so that you are informed of the project he is undertaking and the detailed feedback he receives from his teacher to give him the opportunity to improve his work. He is set regular homework on SMH by his teacher which also includes attending extra catch up sessions after school, your support in encouraging him to attend these is vital as it will provide him the opportunity to use tools and equipment which require one to one supervision and will broaden his subject knowledge and skills further.
In addition there are many online revision and support materials available on line which you could explore with him.
We are able to provide your son with all the basic ingredients, materials and equipment required for his project but there are occasions where specialist or specific items and/or ingredients are required which he will need to bring in from home.
In preparation for tests and examinations please support your son by revising the subject knowledge with him, testing him and supporting him in making revision notes. You can also ensure that he owns a copy of the revision guide and accompanying workbook for his specialist subject area.
Should you require any further advice you can contact his Design and Technology teacher or Mr Beardsall (Second in Charge) or Mr Aston (Curriculum Leader).
As always we welcome any feedback and suggestions from students and parents and carers alike to enable us to provide the best possible curriculum for your child which is relevant and engaging.

Useful Websites


  • Understand more about engineering and engineers careers

  • service provides high quality, focused learning in our unique ‘Pod’ format across 20 popular GCSE subjects, and filtered by exam boards.

Electronic Products/Product Design/Resistant materials

  • Comprehensive revision cards, covers all topics that could appear on summer exam:

  • WJEC Exam board, past papers and mark schemes for revision:

  • Controlled assessment examples and guidance:

  • service provides high quality, focused learning in our unique ‘Pod’ format across 20 popular GCSE subjects, and filtered by exam boards.




Year 11



  • The DT App

Extensive must have resource! The App is broken into subject sections plus has controlled assessment guidance.

  • Gojimo

Great for practicing exam style questions and lots of multiple choice questions. Good for tracking your progress and seeing your strong and weak areas.

  • Memrise

Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community


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External links are carefully selected, however Audenshaw School is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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