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KS3 Music

The music department at Audenshaw School aims to provide academic and practical opportunities for students, producing competent, well rounded musicians at GCSE and A-Level. Music is an essential part of the curriculum, helping students to express their emotions and also develop key skills such as problem solving, teamwork and empathy. 

Year 7 - Curriculum Information

Elements of Music


Instruments of the Orchestra

The Keyboard

Major & Minor


Year 8 - Curriculum Information





Programme Music


Year 9 - Curriculum Information

Pop Music


Film Music

World Music

Brit Pop

Year 10 - Curriculum Information

Introduction to GCSE Composition



Film Music

Pop Song


In addition extra-curricular ensembles include:

School Band

String Group

Guitar Ensemble


Percussion Group

Rock School

ukulele Choir


Key Stage 3 - How parents/carers can support their child

Years 7 & 8

This is a perfect time to take up a musical instrument. Parents can support their child by allowing them to take instrumental lessons and encouraging them to practise at home. Parents can also support their child by encouraging them to listen to lots of different styles of music. 

Any concerts or world music programmes that parents can get students to watch or be involved in would be fantastic. 

Year 9

If students are thinking of taking GCSE music they must start to learn an instrument during year 9 at the latest. Parents can help students study music in year 9 by allowing them to watch different styles of films and talk about the music that they hear in the background and discuss how they think the sound effects are made. 

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