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KS3 Phys. Ed.

The Audenshaw School Physical Education Department has a strong ethos of participation and  success in a disciplined and supportive environment. This is achieved through the hard work of its staff in both curricular and extra-curricular time, fully supporting the school’s values and vision. High standards are expected and maintained, a broad curriculum and an extensive extra-curricular programme ensures that success and achievement is possible for all students as is excellence for all those capable. The aim is for all students' experiences of PE and sport at Audenshaw school to be positive and lead to continued involvement of habitually active adults.

Year 7 - Curriculum Information

Students follow a broad range of activities in half-term blocks. They have 4 lessons in each 2 week timetable rotation. 2 P.E. lessons and 2 Games lessons taught in mixed ability form groups.

Activities include:-

PE – Gymnastics, Cross Country, Orienteering, Lacrosse, Fitness training, Athletics.

Games – Rugby, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Softball.

Click here for Year 7 Lesson Programme

Year 8 - Curriculum Information

In year 8, students follow a very similar programme to year 7 but they attend these lessons as a half year group and are placed into ability sets. This allows targeted work including advanced skills and tactics for the most able as well as skill development and leadership for all students.

Click here for Year 8 ALD Forms Lesson Programme  Click here for Year 8 WYNS Forms Lesson Programme

Year 9 - Curriculum Information

In year 9, students follow a modified P.E. programme in ability sets with longer units and fewer activities to maximise progress in the final year of key stage 3.

Activities are:

Rugby, Football, Weight Training, Badminton, Table tennis, Athletics, Cricket.

Click here for Year 9 ALD Forms Lesson Programme   Click here for Year 9 WYNS Forms Lesson Programme

Key Stage 3 - How parents/carers can support their child

Help students to organise the correct kit for each lesson.

Encourage students to participate in as many lessons as possible and to bring kit to take some part in a lesson even if they are a little unwell or injured. 

Encourage students to participate in extra-curricular sports' activities.

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