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KS4 Religious Ed (Full Course)

Year 10 - Curriculum Information

  1. Your course

    • Exam board: AQA
      • Specification: A
      • Religions : Christianity and Islam
      • Thematic Study: Units B (Life) ,C (God), D (Peace and Conflict) ,E (Crime and Punishment)

    This course is brand new this year, the AQA website will give details of specific resources created to support your studies as they are published. The 2018 exam’s specification is available on their website –

    For your study of religion we have a library of books you can use in MG12, a combination of various textbooks and books on religion. If you need help finding what you need ask Miss Vose or Mrs Brookes. You can also access information on the BBC Religion website -

    For your thematic study it’s incredibly useful if you keep up to date with world events relating to options B, D and E. You can do this by keeping up with the news and discussing these topics at home. If you use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter then you can follow news outlets like the Manchester Evening News or BBC news. The BBC Religion website also contains information on each religions responses to ethical issues.

    Unit B (Life) : Abortion, Euthanasia, Animal experimentation.

    Unit D (Peace and Conflict) : Violence, War, Weapons of mass destruction, Pacifism.

    Unit E (Crime and Punishment) : Crime, Corporal punishment, Death penalty, Forgiveness of crime.

    Unit C from the thematic study used to be one of the two AQA RS exams papers, we therefore have a set of textbooks you can borrow and take home from last year’s specification. These are full of information for revision.

    At a later date we will be able to point you towards revision guides that have been published for this new specification.


Year 11 - Curriculum Information

GCSE full course –  AQA syllabus A applied ethics and philosophy, 2 exams worth 50% each. Both taken at the end of year 11 and last 90 minutes each.

  1. Existence of God – Theories proving and disproving Gods existence, such as the design argument and the theory of evolution.
  2. Characteristics of God – What is God like? Including monotheism and polytheism.
  3. Revelation and enlightenment – God appearing to humans through visions, sacred texts, angels etc.
  4. Compatibility of Science and Religion –Theories such as big bang and evolution as opposition or support to Christian belief
  5. The afterlife – Resurrection, reincarnation, and rebirth.
  6. Problem of Evil – Questioning of whether suffering on Earth is evidence that God does not exist.

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