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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department provides additional support for students with needs in one of four categories. These are cognitive, communication, sensory and social difficulties. The aim of the department is to breakdown and remove any barriers to learning, which may prevent a student reaching their full potential. The department consists of a SENCO, who is a specialist in dyscalculia and mathematics plus two specialist literacy teachers. In addition to this there is a team of Learning Support Assistants who support many children throughout the school. The Learning Support Assistants offer many additional interventions such as games club, social club and fine motor skills support. The department has a quiet area called the Chill Zone which provides a safe, calm and sociable area for more vulnerable students at break and lunchtimes. The department liaise very closely with all subject teachers as well as outside support services such as educational psychologists in order to gain the best possible advice as to which interventions will be most appropriate for individual students.

The department see the inclusion of parents/carers in the education process of their child as being extremely important and therefore encourage home school contact at all times. We have an ‘open house’ policy and parents/carers are always welcome to contact school to discuss any concerns they may have.


Technical Support

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Curriculum support area, including curriculum map and the Year 10/11 curriculum plus guided pathways info

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