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Congratulations to ALL our Students on their Exam Results!

Well done everyone on some fantastic exam results and for those who leave us this year, the very best of luck in all that you do. We are very proud of you!!

The school aims to provide a quality education, based on an ethos of respect, discipline and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do

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"Enjoy this short snapshot of a year at Audenshaw School. We are very proud of our students and the progress they make on their journey with us!"
Mrs J Saw
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Headteacher's Welcome Message
I would like to welcome you to Audenshaw School's Website. I hope that you enjoy visiting it and by doing so will gain a clearer idea of all that goes on within the school whether this is academic achievements, our wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer or our relationships with the wider local and global communities. I strongly believe that it is vital to celebrate the successes of our school and have designed the website to highlight these key areas. The school has always and will always place huge emphasis on academic achievement. We have a long and proud tradition of academic success and are proud of our standing within the community and also what our students go on to achieve after they leave the school. I hope that our traditional yet forward thinking ethos has been reflected in the stories and images on the pages of our website.
Jeanette Saw, Headteacher
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Latest News

Feb 8 2019 by Chris Rose

PE Dept:The Audenshaw School PE Department were recognised for their incredible 2018/19 Season

Rugby League

PE Dept

Feb 8 2019 by Ady Sutherland

Rugby:>The Audenshaw U14 Rugby Team completed what has been an incredible season at the Kirkham Grammar School 7s Competition!

Rugby League

Rugby,U14's, Kirkham Grammar

Feb 8 2019 by Ady Sutherland

Rugby:The year 11 rugby team ended the season on an emphatic high winning the Lancashire Vase final against a strong St. Edward's side

Rugby League

Rugby,Lancashire Year 11

Jan 31 2019 by Chris Rose

Rugby:The U15 Rugby Team were crowned Lancashire Vase Champions with a 17-14 victory over Standish High School from Wigan

Rugby League

Rugby,U15's, Lancashire Vase

Jan 29, 2019 by Chris Rose

Rugby:Audenshaw Rugby product, Patrick Anglin made his senior debut for Warrington Wolves on Saturday against Rochdale Hornets RLFC

Rugby League

Rugby,Patrick Anglin

Jan 23, 2019 by Chris Rose

Athletics The 12th annual Audenshaw School Primary Cluster Indoor Athletics Competition took place on Thursday January 10th

Sharks Swimming


Nov 12, 2018 by Chris Rose

Rugby The U14 Team are through to the semi finals of the Lancashire Schools Cup following a courageous win!

Sharks Swimming

RUGBY, U14's, Merchant Taylor

Nov 6, 2018 by Chris Rose

Rugby Five members of the Audenshaw U14 and U15 Rugby teams have been selected for professional club, Sale Sharks.

Sharks Swimming

RUGBY, Sale sharks U14/U15's

Nov 5, 2018 by Chris Rose

Football Aldwyn Primary School were crowned Champions at the 12th annual Audenshaw Primary Cluster Football Competition

Sharks Swimming


Oct 4, 2018 by Chris Rose

Rugby: The U14 Rugby Team have enjoyed an exceptional week in which they took on and defeated two of the best school teams in the north!

Sharks Swimming

Rugby, U14's

Sept 17, 2018 by Chris Rose

Rugby: The U14 Rugby Team made it two wins from their opening three on Saturday with a hard fought victory over Rishworth School

Sharks Swimming

Rugby, U14's

Sept 10, 2018 by Chris Rose

Rugby: The U14 Rugby Team began their account for 2018/19 with a 54-7 victory over Lancashire neighbours, Bolton School1

Sharks Swimming

Rugby, U14's

Jun 27, 2018 by Chris Rose

Rugby: Former Audenshaw student, Richard Ward has become the latest of our rugby products to achieve international honours

Sharks Swimming

Rugby, Richard Ward

June 15, 2018 by Chris Rose

Cricket: The Audenshaw U15's secure their place in the Quarter Finals of the Lancashire Schools Cup


Cricket, U15's, Lancashire cup

Jun 14, 2018 by Kathryn Taylor

Chemistry: Audenshaw Chemistry team take 1st prize in Salter Competition at Manchester University

Sharks Swimming

Chemistry, Salter Prize

Jun 6, 2018 by Chris Rose

Swimming: Sharks' Bennett & Campbell Make Both English & British National Championship Finals

Sharks Swimming

Audenshaw Sharks; Swimming

May 16, 2018 by Chris Rose

Cricket: The Audenshaw U15's secure their place in the third round of the Lancashire Schools Cup


Cricket, U15's, Lancashire cup

May 6, 2018 by Chris Rose

Swimming:The Audenshaw Sharks were well represented at the North West Regional Championships

Sharks, Swimming

May 2, 2018 by Chris Rose

Cricket:The U15 Cricket team enjoyed a superb victory in the Lancashire Schools Cup on Monday

Cricket, U15's, Lancashire Cup

Apr 24, 2018 by Chris Rose

Rugby Tour:Audenshaw School Rugby embarked upon their fifth international tour​ over Easter

Rugby, Spain

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Life Skills

Audenshaw is committed to preparing students to become positive, productive, safe, happy and healthy adults. The introduction of Life Skills as part of the timetable will help to do that through a sustained programme designed to impact on our students’ personal and social development.  The lessons are delivered by form tutors (or a specialist SRE team) once a week in a dedicated lesson.  We want them to be able to make informed decisions and to develop their own set of positive values and ideas, whilst being able to appreciate and understand those of others. 

Students are encouraged to understand diversity in its many forms and are made aware of issues and ideas that exist locally, nationally and globally. Life Skills combines Citizenship and PSHEE (personal, social, health, economic and employment education).  Citizenship deals with public concerns and PSHEE deals with personal concerns. Key concepts covered in PSHEE are: personal identities; healthy lifestyles; risk (including drug education); relationships (including sex education); diversity; careers; capability and economic understanding.  Key processes covered in PSHEE are: critical reflection; decision-making and managing risk; developing relationships and working with others; self-development; exploration; enterprise and financial capability.

Key concepts covered in Citizenship are: democracy and justice; rights and responsibilities and identities and diversity (living together in the United Kingdom).  Key processes covered in Citizenship are: critical thinking and enquiry; advocacy and representation and taking informed and responsible action.Our ultimate aim is to allow and encourage our students to be: strong in body, positive in behaviour, safe and aware; able to make clever and informed choices and kind in heart.

Life Skills Programme of Study: Year 7

PW= Personal Wellbeing 
EW = Economic Wellbeing 
C= Citizenship 
WRL = Work Related Learning 

We start with a 6 week transition scheme of work. 
Week 1: Choosing not losing: We have choices (PW) 
Week 2: Choosing not losing: I’m ok, you’re ok (PW) 
Week 3: Choosing not losing: Right to feel safe (PW) 
Week 4: Choosing not losing: Safe & Unsafe (PW) 
Week 5: Choosing not losing: Talk to someone (PW) 
Week 6: Choosing not losing: Bringing it together (PW) 
Week 7: Fire Brigade visit: Operation Treacle (PW) 
Week 8: What’s it all about? (C) 
Week 9: Illegal drugs (PW) 
Week 10: Cyber bullying (PW) 
Week 11: Cyber bullying (PW) 
Week 12: PLTS (Personal learning & thinking skills): Managing time (PW) 
Week 13: PLTS: Listening to learn (PW) 
Week 14: PLTS: Enhancing memory skills (PW) 
Week 15: PLTS: Working cooperatively (PW) 
Week 16: PLTS: Thinking positively (PW) 
Week 17: PLTS: Being resilient (PW) 
Week 18: PLTS: Making good decisions (PW) 
Week 19: PLTS: Communicating early (PW) 
Week 20: PLTS: Self-assessment (PW) 
Week 21: PLTS: Making it happen (PW) 
Week 22: Crime (C) 
Week 23: Alcohol is? (PW) 
Week 24: Drugs: A single tear (PW) 
Week 25: Fire Brigade visit: Arson (PW) 
Week 26: British Red Cross visit: First Aid (PW) 
Week 27: Personal Finance: Me & my money (EW) 
Week 28: Personal Finance: Wants & needs (EW) 
Week 29: Personal Finance: Pocket money (EW) 
Week 30: Personal Finance: A fair day’s pay (EW) 
Week 31: SRe (Sex and Relationships education): Setting ground rules (PW) 
Week 32: SRe: Adolescence (PW) 
Week 33: SRe: What influences me? (PW) 
Week 34: SRe: Rights, responsibilities & safety (PW) 
Week 35: SRe: Friendships & feelings (PW) 
Week 36: British Red Cross: Someone’s different (PW & C) 
Week 37: SRe: Conception & contraception (PW) 
Week 38: SRe: Parent wanted (PW) 
Week 39: Careers: What is a career? (WRL)

Life Skills Programme of Study: Year 8 

PW= Personal Wellbeing 
EW = Economic Wellbeing 
C= Citizenship 
WRL = Work Related Learning 

Week 1: Recycling (EW) 
Week 2: Organic food (EW) 
Week 3: Personal finance: How you get your pocket money (EW) 
Week 4: Personal finance: Budgeting (EW) 
Week 5: Personal finance: Budgeting (EW) 
Week 6: Illegal drugs (PW) 
Week 7: About me (PW) 
Week 8: Fire Brigade visit: Operation Treacle (PW) 
Week 9: About me II (PW) 
Week 10: PLTS (personal learning & thinking skills): Planning & doing (PW) 
Week 11: PLTS: Managing compulsion (PW) 
Week 12: PLTS: Persisting (PW) 
Week 13: PLTS: Taking responsible tasks (PW) 
Week 14: PLTS: Linking learning past & present (PW) 
Week 15: PLTS: How do I learn best? (PW) 
Week 16: British Red Cross visit: First Aid (PW) 
Week 17: PLTS: Being independent, aiming high (PW) 
Week 18: PLTS: Learning together (PW) 
Week 19: PLTS: Learning together, piecing together (PW) 
Week 20: Fire Brigade visit: Arson (PW) 
Week 21: CEOP (Child exploitation and online protection) Social networking (PW) 
Week 22: CEOP: Online relationships & gambling (PW) 
Week 23: British Red Cross: Someone’s different (PW) 
Week 24: SRe (Sex and relationships education): What I want (PW) 
Week 25: SRe: Gender & sexuality (PW) 
Week 26: SRe: Rights & responsibilities (PW) 
Week 27: SRe: Relationships (PW) 
Week 28: SRe: Contraception-what do I know? (PW) 
Week 29: SRe: Sexual behaviour (PW) 
Week 30: SRe: Sexually transmitted infections (PW) 
Week 31: Protection of animals (C) 
Week 32: Careers (WRL) 
Week 33: Drugs (Bottles & Cans) (PW) 
Week 34: Drugs: Risk taking (PW) 
Week 35: Drugs: antisocial (PW) 
Week 36: Human Rights (C) 
Week 37: Fire Brigade visit: Water safety (PW) 
Week 38: Rights at work (EW & C) Week 39: Government, votes & elections (C)

Life Skills Programme of Study: Year 9

PW= Personal Wellbeing 
EW = Economic Wellbeing 
C= Citizenship 
WRL = Work Related Learning 

Week 1: Enterprise (EW) 
Week 2: Global Issues (C & EW) 
Week 3: Alcohol & tobacco (PW) 
Week 4: Alcohol & tobacco (PW) 
Week 5: British Red Cross visit: Alcohol first aid (PW) 
Week 6: Fire Brigade visit: Operation Treacle (PW) 
Week 7: What does the body need? (PW) 
Week 8: Vegetarianism (PW) 
Week 9: Diversity & acceptance: Sophie (PW & C) 
Week 10: Work, leisure & exercise (PW & C) 
Week 11: Careers (WRL) 
Week 12: Careers (WRL) 
Week 13: Careers (WRL) 
Week 14: Careers (WRL) 
Week 15: Careers (WRL) 
Week 16: SRe (Sex and relationships education): Setting the scene (PW) 
Week 17: SRe: Choices & consequences (PW) 
Week 18: SRe: Sex & alcohol (PW) 
Week 19: SRe: Rights, respect & responsibilities (PW) 
Week 20: SRe: Condoms rule OK! (PW) 
Week 21: SRe: Sexually Transmitted Infections (PW) 
Week 22: SRe: Online relationships (PW & C) 
Week 23: SRe: Suicide (PW) 
Week 24: Personal Finance: Saving (EW) 
Week 25: Personal Finance: Banking (EW) 
Week 26: Personal Finance: Managing money (EW) 
Week 27: British Red Cross visit: Someone’s different (PW & C) 
Week 28: Drugs & On the drink! (PW) 
Week 29: Drugs: Safe & sociable (EW & C) 
Week 30: A diverse society & Britain (C) 
Week 31: Self-esteem (PW) 
Week 32: Sense of self (PW) 
Week 33: Body image (PW) 
Week 34: How the law protects animals (C) 
Week 35: What is a business? (WRL & EW) 
Week 36: Leisure & sport (PW & C) 
Week 37: Media in society (C) 
Week 38: Fire Brigade visit: Risk takers (PW) 
Week 39: Personal safety (PW) 

Life Skills Programme of Study: Year 10

PW= Personal Wellbeing 
EW = Economic Wellbeing 
C= Citizenship 
WRL = Work Related Learning 

Week 1: SRe (Sex and relationships education): Healthy relationships (PW) 
Week 2: SRe: Healthy relationships (PW) 
Week 3: SRe: Sexually transmitted infections & condoms (PW) 
Week 4: SRe: Contraception & negotiation (PW) 
Week 5: SRe: Pregnancy & options (PW) 
Week 6: SRe: Realities of parenting (PW) 
Week 7: SRe: Sex & alcohol (PW) 
Week 8: SRe: Cancer (PW) 
Week 9: Careers (WRL) 
Week 10: Diversity & acceptance: Sophie (PW & C) 
Week 11: Careers (WRL) 
Week 12: Careers (WRL) 
Week 13: Fire Brigade visit: You and the car (PW) 
Week 14: Careers (WRL) 
Week 15: Careers (WRL) 
Week 16: Managing stress (PW) 
Week 17: Managing stress (PW) 
Week 18: Managing stress (PW) 
Week 19: Human rights (C) 
Week 20: Taking responsibility (PW & C) 
Week 21: Young people & crime (C) 
Week 22: British Red Cross visit: Refugee awareness (PW & C) 
Week 23: Racism & discrimination (C) 
Week 24: Personal finance: The world of work (EW) 
Week 25: Personal finance: Gross pay & deductions (EW) 
Week 26: Personal finance: Understanding financial documents (EW) 
Week 27: Personal finance: Cost of living (EW) 
Week 28: Homophobic bullying (EW & C) 
Week 29: Learning to learn (PW) 
Week 30: Driving with Grace: Vehicles & responsibility (PW & C) 
Week 31: Drink driving (PW & C) 
Week 32: Drugs & the car (PW & C) 
Week 33: Substance abuse (PW) 
Week 34: Depression & mental health (PW) 
Week 35: Social enterprise (EW & C) 
Week 36: How & why laws are made (C) 
Week 37: The world of work (C) 
Week 38: British Red Cross visit: Alcohol first aid 

Life Skills Programme of Study: Year 11

PW= Personal Wellbeing 
EW = Economic Wellbeing 
C= Citizenship 
WRL = Work Related Learning 

Week 1: Careers (WRL) 
Week 2: Careers (WRL) 
Week 3: Careers (WRL) 
Week 4: Careers (WRL) 
Week 5: Careers (WRL) 
Week 6: Bullying in the workplace (WRL) 
Week 7: Safety in the workplace (WRL) 
Week 8: Work experience (WRL) 
Week 9: SRe (Sex and relationships): Sex and the law (PW) 
Week 10: SRe: Respect (PW) 
Week 11: SRe: HIV & AIDS (PW) 
Week 12: SRe: Sex and the media (PW) 
Week 13: SRe: Planned/unplanned pregnancy (PW) 
Week 14: SRe: Domestic violence (PW) 
Week 15: SRe: Cancer (PW) 
Week 16: Diversity & acceptance: Sophie (C & PW) 
Week 17: Producing the news (C) 
Week 18: CEOP (child exploitation & online protection): Online security (PW) 
Week 19: Maintaining a healthy weight (PW) 
Week 20: Revision strategies (PW & EW) 
Week 21: Fire Brigade visit: Urban search & rescue 
Week 22: Basic first aid (PW) 
Week 23: Basic first aid (PW) 
Week 24: Personal finance: Would you credit it? (EW) 
Week 25: Personal finance: Buy now, pay later (EW) 
Week 26: Personal finance: Elastic plastic (EW) 
Week 27: Drugs: Alcohol & binge drinking (PW) 
Week 28: British Red Cross visit: Alcohol aid (PW) 
Week 29: Teenage drinking (PW) 
Week 30: Antisocial behaviour (PW & C) 
Week 31: Bereavement (PW) 
Week 32: Healthy lifestyles (PW)


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GCE RESULTS DAY will be taking place on
Thursday 15th August 09:00am – 12:00pm

GCSE RESULTS DAY will be taking place on
Thursday 22nd August 10:00am – 12:00pm

Collection of results will be taking place in the Dining Hall,
please make your way there via the main Dining Hall doors.
If students are unable to collect your results in person,
please contact the Exams Office to make alternative
arrangements via our exams email address: