In their appearance, as in their general behaviour, Sixth Formers have a particular responsibility in that they help to set the standard for the whole school. 

We wish for the standard of dress to reflect the Sixth Form students’ position of responsibility, their career aims and to enhance the reputation of the school with the local community and visitors. 

The emphasis is on smart, business style dress. Students must be dressed smartly at all times when on site. You must always give a good example of dress and conduct, to younger students and the wider community.

Sixth Form Boys                                                      

Plain tailored business style shirt Tie Dark coloured tailored business style trousers  Dark coloured shoes                                                      

Sixth Form Girls

Plain tailored (collar, sleeves) blouse Dark coloured smart knee length skirt/full length trousers Dark coloured plain shoes or sandals

The following are not considered appropriate to a business-like working environment:

  • Any item of clothing that does not fit the above description.
  • Dresses, short skirts, clothing that is backless, strapless or see through.
  • Jeans, cords or similar casual trouser.  (Boys shirts to be tucked in).
  • Jackets of an informal style such as denim, leather, fur or similar.
  • Any top that prevents the tie from being seen.
  • Hooded tops of any description.
  • Sweatshirts, T-shirts, tops with writing or logo.
  • Cropped tops which expose the abdomen or low cut tops.
  • Shoes without backs, slipper style, flip flops, clogs, boots (unless plain and worn under trousers)

Staff reserve the right to advise on the suitability of students attire and to send students home to get changed if unsuitably attired.

Most jewellery is considered acceptable, with the exception of facial studs/piercings.  However, students may be required to remove items if an excessive amount of jewellery is worn. Make-up and hair colour should be in keeping with the ethos of the school.

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