(Examination Board: OCR)

In today's world, where ICT is constantly changing, individuals will increasingly need technological and information literacy skills that include the ability to gather, process and manipulate data. These skills are now as essential as the traditional skills of numeracy and literacy.

AS Level

The AS Level is made up of two mandatory units, which form 50% of the corresponding four-unit Advanced GCE.

Theory Unit - 20% - This unit is taught in conjunction with the practical tasks to provide a deeper understanding of the principles involved and promote interest in the subject areas covered.

Structured ICT Tasks 30% - The Structured tasks are set by the exam board and completed by the students. They cover a range of different scenarios and involve using a variety of different software products and application of the AS theory work.

A2 Level

Theory Unit - ICT System, Application and Implications 20% - Candidates are expected to explore the need for communication between computer-based information systems, and between human users and computer-based information systems. Candidates are introduced to the design and selection of ICT solutions for a range of problems.

ICT Project - 30% - The project is an extended piece of work bringing together all the knowledge gained from the course, particularly A2. Examples of projects could include a Spreadsheet project, a database project, a website project or an information system.

A Level ICT encourages students to become discerning users of ICT. It allows them to develop a broad range of ICT skills, knowledge and understanding. This could form a basis for progression into further learning, including progression from AS to A2, and/or employment.

As there is a demanding coursework element you should be organised and prepared to work hard consistently during the course of the tasks. Your GCSE results in subjects with high coursework content should show you have these characteristics.

You should be comfortable with the majority of Office Applications: Word Processor, Database, Spreadsheet, Desk Top Publisher and Presentation Software.

We would expect that you will have studied ICT at GCSE and achieved a qualification, although this isn’t always essential.




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