KS5 Phys Ed

Physical Education
(Examination Board: OCR)

Sport & fitness is a huge industry, and you can be part of it. Whether that’s working as a sports scientist, psychologist or coach for a professional club, a PE teacher, a personal trainer at the local gym, or training to be a physiotherapist. From the preparation of professional sports performer to teaching and working with amateur teams and individuals who just want to get in shape, PE, sport and fitness is a fast-growing and popular sector. Best of all, you could be in a career doing something that you love.

From September 2016 A level Physical Education will follow the new OCR board linear course over two years.



Performance in Physical Education - Students can be assessed as a performer or a coach on the quality of skill and techniques in practice situations as well as the recognised competitive version of the sport. The evaluation and analysis of performance for improvement or EAPI assessment is performed verbally by the student after watching a film of a student performer in their sport. The list of permissible sports is available from the OCR website.

Thanks to the tremendously successful Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Recent Rugby World cup in 2015 sport science has never been so publicly acknowledged as a key factor of success and along with the growth in the fitness industry it has meant that Physical Education has never played such an important part in society. As somebody working in sports, you’ll be riding the crest of a wave.

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