KS5 Government & Politics

Sixth Form (KS5) Government & Politics

Examination Board: AQA

Government and Politics is a popular and ideal course for students with an interest in History and local, national and international events. Our aim is to develop in students a lasting interest and an enthusiasm for Politics whilst helping them achieve the best grades they are capable of. Government and Politics obviously complements other A Level subjects such as History, English and Geography, in terms of the skills that are developed, but it is also very unique in terms of the content we study. We welcome students from any academic background.

AS Level

Unit 1 - People, Politics and Participation 25%

Students will study the political culture of Britain, the voting behaviour of the British people and different voting and electoral systems. In particular, students will look at the merits and problems of the first past the post system, referendums and mandates. Students will also study the beliefs, roles and functions of the major political parties in Britain and the role of different pressure groups on the politics of the UK.

Unit 2 - Governing Modern Britain 25%

We also look at the role and power of the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Government Ministers and Civil Servants. Students will also study the roles, function and effectiveness of the House of Commons and House of Lords, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Council.

A2 Level 

Unit 3A - The Politics of the USA 25%

Students perform an in depth study of the issues surrounding the ideology and organisation of the political parties of the USA and the influence of the plethora of Pressure Groups and Political Action Committees in US politics. Students will also study at local and national level how the vast US electoral process works and examine the political culture and voting behaviour of the American people.

Unit 4A - The Government of the USA 25%

Students also look at the constitutional framework of the USA, as well as examining how the US Government functions through Congress and the President and also examines the role of the Supreme Court. There are also comparisons made to the UK, drawing on students’ knowledge from AS Level.

Employers and universities look very favourably on this A Level subject. As well as informing students about political issues from the past and present the students will be taught a range of transferable skills that will help students studying other A Levels and will help prepare them to study independently at university and in the workplace. Students will learn how to analyse a range of different types of information; how to form a substantiated and balanced argument and how to be able to present their opinions in an intelligent and coherent argument.


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