KS5 Physics

Sixth Form (KS5) Physics

Examination Board: OCR

Audenshaw School Sixth Form offers you the opportunity to study the Advancing Physics A Level course. This course has been specially designed by the Institute of Physics to prepare students and develop the skills needed to enter into undergraduate study in the engineering, mathematical and physical sciences. Within the course there are specific opportunities for students to develop their own interests, and they are rewarded for using initiative. The syllabus sets Physics in a variety of contexts, illustrating connections with everyday life, people, places and cultures.

There is a very strong practical aspect to the delivery of this course so that students are able to determine how the quality of measurement determines the quality of Physics.

The course fully supports and recognizes the use of essential mathematical methods in Physics, helping students to understand them. There is no requirement to study AS Mathematics, but successful applicants must have a grade B at GCSE Mathematics along with grade B in GCSE Physics, or a grade B at Core and Additional Science.

Year 12

• Imaging – including medical & astronomical imaging techniques • Sensing & Signalling – study the electrical & engineering aspects of sending & receiving information • Material Science – how the microscopic & macroscopic behave • Wave Behaviour – follow the fundamental principles of the Universe • Quantum Behaviour – step into a strange new World • Mapping Space & Time – how objects behave as forces change around them

Year 13

• Modelling • Astronomy & Astrophysics • Matter • Electromagnetic machines • Field theory • Nuclear Physics


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