KS5 Computer Science

Computer Science
(Examination Board: OCR)

In today's world, where ICT is constantly changing, individuals will increasingly need technological and information literacy skills that include the ability to gather, process and manipulate data. These skills are now as essential as the traditional skills of numeracy and literacy. 

OCR have designed a new and exciting course OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma, which is up to date and engaging for students. The qualification has been developed through consultation with universities, employers and industry specialists to ensure students gain the right knowledge and experience. 

The qualification aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and principles of IT and Global Information Systems. There are a range of practical centre assessed units and theoretical examination units. 

Year 12 and 13 

In year 12 and 13 students will complete a wide range of units which will to teach them essential knowledge they will need in further education of employment. 

Key Topics 

· Fundamentals of ICT · Mobile Technologies 

·Global Information · Social Media and Digital Marketing 

· Cyber Security · Building IT Systems 

· Cloud Technology · Programming Solutions for Businesses 

· Computer Networks · Emerging Technologies 

· Virtual and Augmented Reality · Computer Systems- Software 

· Application Design · Computer Systems- Hardware 

· Data Analysis and Design · Website Design and Prototyping 

· Project Management · Games Design and Prototyping 

· Business Computing · IT Technical Support 

Diploma Pathway 

Within the qualification there are four pathways which are IT Infrastructure Technician, Emerging Digital Technology Practitioner or Applications Developer. Each student will select their pathway according to their interests and future career aspirations. 

Assessment Students will complete 5 units in total. 2 units will be mandatory examination units. 3 units will be coursework units and will be selected depending on your pathway. Units 1 and 2 will examination units and will be marked by OCR and the 3 optional units will be marked internally and moderated by OCR. Students can achieve a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*. Students can resit examinations if you wish but this will come at a cost.

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