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Well done everyone on some fantastic exam results and for those who leave us this year, the very best of luck in all that you do. We are very proud of you!!

Our School aims to provide a quality education in a caring community based on values of respect, responsibility and resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

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Headteacher's Welcome Message
I would like to welcome you to Audenshaw School's Website. I hope that you enjoy visiting it and by doing so will gain a clearer idea of all that goes on within the school whether this is academic achievements, our wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer or our relationships with the wider local and global communities. I strongly believe that it is vital to celebrate the successes of our school and have designed the website to highlight these key areas. The school has always and will always place huge emphasis on academic achievement. We have a long and proud tradition of academic success and are proud of our standing within the community and also what our students go on to achieve after they leave the school. I hope that our traditional yet forward thinking ethos has been reflected in the stories and images on the pages of our website.
Jeanette Saw, Headteacher
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Latest News

Feb 2020 by A Sutherland

U16 Rugby Team: Lancashire Plate Final here we come.

Rugby League


Feb 2020 by A Teggart

Birds Of Prey: Visit from Falconry UK.

Rugby League

in school visit

Jan 2020 by S Lewis

Language Leaders: Visit to Russell Scott Primary School.

Rugby League

Student Leadership

Dec 2019 by R Bond

Year 9 Trip: Students visited Brother UK in Guide Bridge

Rugby League


Dec 2019 by R Bond

Year 9 Trip: Students visited Findel Education in Hyde.

Rugby League


Nov 2019 by Y Hopkins

Charity Competition: The Chase comes to Audenshaw School.

Rugby League


Nov 2019 by A Teggart

Year 7 Workshop: Tomorrow’s Engineers Year 7 Workshop with Learn By Design

Rugby League


Nov 2019 by A Sutherland

Rugby Results: U15 Rugby Team progress to last 32 In RFU Schools National Plate

Rugby League


Nov 2019 by K Harrison

GCSE Results: Celebrating the GCSE success of our Year 11 students in 2019.

Rugby League


Nov 2019 by R Bond

Raising Aspirations: We continue to raise the aspirations of our students through a wide range of events, trips and activates.

Rugby League

Raising Aspirations

Nov 2019 by N Herbert

Trip: On Friday 18 October, eleven Year 8 and 9 students attended the Gifted and Talented Study Day at King’s School, Chester.

Rugby League


Oct 24 2019 by A Sutherland

PE Dept: The Year 10 Rugby Team travelled to Cheadle Hulme School on Tuesday 15th October

Rugby League

PE Dept

Sep 13 2019 by Ady Sutherland

PE Dept:Last Saturday saw the opening fixtures and a proud tradition at Audenshaw School continue

Rugby League

PE Dept

Jun 14, 2018 by Kathryn Taylor

Chemistry: Audenshaw Chemistry team take 1st prize in Salter Competition at Manchester University

Sharks Swimming

Chemistry, Salter Prize

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KS5 Spanish

Sixth Form (KS5) Spanish

(Examination Board: AQA)

Learning a language at A Level is invaluable whatever your future career plans are. At university you can continue with your language alongside another subject (accounting, law, medicine, engineering…) and then spend one of your university years abroad on an Erasmus exchange – or even study South America. If you enjoy learning languages and you can successfully learn vocabulary and basic grammar, you should definitely consider pursuing a language at A Level. Students must have studied Spanish at GCSE and are usually expected to have achieved a grade ‘B’ or better.


The work is varied and interesting and will introduce you to a wide range of topics, while at the same time developing your language skills to a very high level. Spanish examines such topics as family and relationships, education, jobs and careers, the mass media, pollution, conservation, immigration, multiculturalism, health issues, transport, racism, the future of Europe and Science and Technology. You will use technology extensively to help with your language learning. You will read and understand articles and works of Spanish Literature, listen to radio broadcasts and discuss these topics with confidence, all in Spanish.

Teaching materials are mainly taken from current articles and television and radio broadcasts. You will also have a regular timetable slot with a Spanish assistant in order to concentrate specifically on conversation. With small group sizes, students find they quickly make progress. An opportunity for an exchange visit will be arranged during the course of the two years.


A qualification in a modern language carries particular prestige and proof of ability. Possible careers include teaching, bilingual secretary work, EU business and banking, translation and interpreting, conference organising and tourism management.

Languages at A-Level are taught as a two-year A-Level course. Topics covered are:

Modern & traditional values in the Spanish-speaking world

- Changing families

- Attitudes towards marriage/divorce

- The influence of the Catholic Church


- The influence of the internet

- Social Networks: benefits and dangers

- Smartphones in our society

Equal rights

- Women in the world of work

- Sexism and feminism

- Gay and transgender person rights


- Negative and positive aspects

- Immigration in the Hispanic world

- Problems with illegal immigrants


- Racist and xenophobic attitudes

- Measures against racism

- Anti-racism legislation

Integration & multicultural society

- Education

- Reglion

- The conviviality of cultures


Modern day idols

- Singers and musicians

- Stars of TV and film

- Models

Spanish regional identity

- Traditions and customs

- Gastronomy

- Languages

Cultural heritage

- Tourist sites of pre-Hispanic civilisations: Machu Picchu, la Alhambra, etc

- Art and architecture

- Musical heritage and diversity

Today’s youth, tomorrow’s citizens

- Youth attitudes towards politics: activism or apathy

- Youth unemployment

- Youth ideals of society

Monarchies and dictatorships

- The Franco dictatorship

- The evolution of the Spanish monarchy

- Latin-American dictatorships

Popular movements

- The effectiveness of protests and strikes

- The power of trade unions

- Examples of social protest

In addition to this a novel and a film are studied.


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