Personnel Committee

Ken Brown
Terry Hall MBE (Chair of Personnel Committee)
Brian Miller
Jeanette Saw (Headteacher) 

Resource Committee
(Finance and Buildings)

Brian Atkin
Ken Brown (Chair of Resource Commitee)

Terry Hall MBE (Chair of Governors)
Neil Jackson
Glynis Miller
Jeanette Saw (Headteacher)

Standards Committee
(Quality of Teaching and Achievement)

Tim Gartside
Terry Hall MBE (Chair of Governors)
Brian Miller (Chair of Standards Commitee)
Jane Roberts
Jeanette Saw (Headteacher)

In attendance only: Karl Harrison (Deputy Headteacher)


Technical Support

Need help and information relating to use of Office365 and/or accessing your desktop via the Audenshaw Cloud?

Curriculum Area

Curriculum support area, including curriculum map and the Year 10/11 curriculum plus guided pathways info

Contact Us

The school address and contact numbers, our contact form, how to find us and twitter feeds all featured here!