Please click on our policies listed below to view them in PDF format:

Accessibility Audit Action Plan 
(Sept 2016)
Attendance Policy 
(v1.4 Jul 2019)
Acceptable Usage Policy 
(v2.0 Apr 2018)
Behaviour Policy Incorporating Antibullying 
(v2.1 Apr 2019)
Careers Education & Guidance Policy
(v3.0 Oct 2018)
Charging & Remissions Policy
(v1.7 Sep 2019)
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 
(v1.0 Sep 2019)
Children Looked After Policy 
(v1.8 Dec 2018)
Code of Conduct 
(v1.5 Aug 2019)
Complaints Procedure
(v1.6 Jan 2018)
Data Protection Policy 
(v1.6 Nov 2018)
Disability Policy Exams
(v1.2 Dec 2018)
Equality Statement & Objectives 
(v1.3 Oct 2015) 
Examination Policy
(v1.3 Dec 2018) 
Freedom of Information Policy 
(v1.3 Jul 2016) 
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 
(v1.4 Nov 2017) 
Homework Policy 
(v1.6 Aug 2019) 
Inclusion Policy 
(v1.3 Nov 2018) 
Internal Appeals Policy
(v1.2 Dec 2018) 
Learning Support Policy 
(v1.4 Jul 2019) 
Literacy Policy 
(v1.8 Aug 2019)
Marking Policy  
(v1.9Jul 2019)
Medical Policy
(v6.0 Jul 2019)
Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of
Abuse Against Staff Policy
(v1.3 Aug 2019)
Provider Access Policy
(v1.1 Jan 2019)
Respect Policy
(v1.1 Sep 2019)
Safer Recruitment Policy 
(v5.1 Aug 2019)
Safeguarding Policy
(v2.0 Oct 2018)
SRE Policy
(v1.7 Oct 2018)
Target Setting and Assessment Policy 
(v2.0 Oct 2017)
Teaching and Learning Policy 
(v1.4 Aug 2019)

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