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Year 10 - Curriculum Information

During year 10 all students will sit 3 exams, Biology 1, Chemistry 1 and Physics 1.  They will also complete an ISA, which is the coursework aspect of the science course.  Students are given the opportunity to complete more than one ISA and their best mark is submitted.  Together, these 3 components gain the students a Core Science GCSE (AQA).  This grade is the first of their 2 science GCSEs.

The Units they cover in year 10 include:

          Biology 1      B1.1 Keeping Healthy

                             B1.2 Nerves and Hormones

                             B1.3 The Use and Above Drugs

                             B1.4 Interdependence and Adaptations

                             B1.5 Energy and Biomass in Food Chains

                             B1.6 The Carbon Cycle

                             B1.7 Genetic Variation and its Control

                             B1.8 Evolution

          Chemistry 1 C1.1 The Fundamental Ideas in Chemistry

                             C1.2 Limestone and Building Materials

                             C1.3 Properties and Uses of Metals

                             C1.4 Crude Oil and Fuels

                             C1.5 Other Useful Substances from Crude Oil

                             C1.6 Plant Oils and their Uses

                             C1.7 Changes in the Earth and its Atmosphere

          Physics 1      P1.1The Transfer of Energy by Heating Processes

                             P1.2 Energy and Efficiency

                             P1.3 The Usefulness of Electrical Appliances

                             P1.4 Methods of Generating Electricity

                             P1.5 The Uses of Waves for Communication

The completion of exams in year 10 will change from September 2015 in line with the new government changes. 

Physics ISA (practical coursework assessment)

In either pathway, students must complete 3 exams in each topic area and an ISA.  This will provide them with a total of 3 science GCSEs.

Year 11 - Curriculum Information

Students will take one of the following three pathways:

Pathway 1 – Additional Science

Most students will continue on to study Additional Science GCSE.  This is very similar to the Core Science course they take in year 10 and consists of a Biology 2, Chemistry 2 and Physics 2 examination, with another ISA.  Again, they will complete a number of ISA assessments and the best mark will be submitted to the exam board.

Pathway 2 – Triple Science

The top 2 groups will sit the Additional Science GCSE as detailed in pathway 1, with a Further Additional Science GCSE.  This leads to a total of 3 science exams awarded to these students.  They will also sit a Biology 3, Chemistry 3 and Physics 3 exam in the summer. 

Pathway 3 – Additional Applied Science

Some Students will take the Additional Applied Science course.  This course is a more vocational science course and includes topics such as Forensic Science, Health and Safety, and Material Science.  Students will complete 2 assignments that will count for 60% of the overall course grade, and one exam in the summer that will make up the remaining 40% of the grade.  This course will be discontinued from Summer 2015.

Key Stage 4 - How parents/carers can support their child

There are a number of ways that you can support your child though their GCSE Science course, including:

- Encouraging them to use BBC Bitesize and GCSEPod for regular revision of topics.  Your child should be revising thoroughly for every end of topic test and final exam.

- Purchasing a revision guide – we recommend the CGP series of books as they cover all of the necessary content in a student friendly way.

- Check that they are completing all homework on time and check their exercise book on a regular basis; have they completed homework?  Have they completed all of their corrections?  Are they receiving praise for excellent work? 

- Contact the Science teacher if there is anything you are concerned about, or require further guidance. 

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