KS3 Geography

The new key stage three geography curriculum at Audenshaw provides students with interesting and challenging lessons across a wide range of subject areas that will encourage them to learn more about the world around them and further understand their place within it.

Year 7 Curriculum:

Landscapes of the UK – The students take a closer look at the three main rocks types, how bedrock varies across the UK and the impact this has on the landscape.

Coasts – Students study types of waves, the processes that take place at the coastline and how these processes create specific landforms. They also look at coastal flooding and management strategies.

Map and Atlas work – This is a project based piece of work that allows the students to work with various types of maps and improve their use of the atlas.

Industry – Looking at examples of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, asking why some countries remain dominated by primary and secondary industry when some are moving rapidly into the tertiary and the impact this has on development.

Rivers - The study of the main features and processes taking place with a drainage basin, students will also look at flood events and how to manage these.

Fieldwork – Students carry out an investigation into the amount of litter found around the school site, they are then required to write up their results, create graphs from these results and offer solutions to any problems they find.

Year 8 Curriculum:

Weather and Climate – Students look at the causes of different weather events on a variety of scales from rain showers to hurricanes.

Ecosystems – the study of the various ecosystems found around the world, the relationships that occur within them and the effects human activity can have on them.

Fieldwork- An opportunity to study the microclimate of the school site.

Natural Resources – A look at the location of quantity of the world’s natural resources, how they are used and the effect this has on the climate.

Glaciation – Students look at the formation and transformation of glaciers, their global location and the impact glacial melt on the world.

Year 9 Curriculum:

Tectonic Hazards – The study of thelocation, causes and effects of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Health – A closer look at recent epidemics around the world, the change in the spread of diseases and how this is linked to climate change.

Project Work – The study of Brazil, the varying levels of development across the country, the Amazon rainforest and the people.

Development – Students look at what affects development, the reasons some countries are more developed than others and how development is changing on a global scale.

Tourism – The location of the world’s newest holiday locations, what makes them attractive and the impacts tourism can have on an area.

Ways in which parents and carers can help to support their children.

It is important to encourage your child to take advantage of the new Learning Resource Centre, here they can find a variety of fiction and nonfiction books that will help them with their learning at key stage three. Documentaries are a great way to learn about the world, Netflix has a wide range of geographically relevant documentaries such as Africa, Bear Grylls Survivor, Planet Earth and Human Planet. Encouraging you child to watch the news will help them to gain an understanding of what is happening in other countries and reading the local newspaper will help them to further understand their place in their own community.

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